Package Deals

Fast Action Sporting Events

Price: $75 per hour onsite

This package includes Highschool and College, Sports and Dance events

We do not charge for setup fees we only charge by event start time and end time.

As a token of appreciation, We do offer a free first hour to any event who puts our logo in the program or on the event's Facebook/Web page

Couples Professional Portraits

Price: $50

Clients pick a location in either RI or MA within 50 miles of Newport, RI

After photoshoot, clients can view photos by putting in their passcode on the home page. Downloading photos is always free

Ordering Prints: Clients get to select (2) 8 x 10 photos and (6) 5 x 7 photos to be devided by couple. NO additional charge

To make sure the perfect photo has been taken, clients will have the chance to view photos and retake any that are not to their liking before the end of the photoshoot.

Birthday and Family Parties

Price: $100

Clients fill out an order form and submit it choosing a location in either RI, or MA within 50 miles of Newport, RI

After, clients can view photos by putting in their photocode on the home page.

Clients receive a USB drive of all photos taken to be used on social media and iPhone/Android sharing.

A hardcover photo book of 25 pages size 8 1/2 by 11

A DVD slide show of all good photos taken at the party complete with music and animated transitions

Additional copies and prints can be ordered separately


Price: $800

Package includes:

1 Hardcover book 12 X 12in full photo front cover 50 pages of photos (25 semi gloss sheets)

3 copies of our dvd slideshow presentation complete with romantic music of your choice and animated photo transitions. Slideshows contain approximately 100 photos

Choose From 3 Print Packages

Package 1. 1 large portrait photo 11 X 14, 4 full page (8 X 10), 126 half pages (5 x 7)

Package 2. 1 large portrait photo 12 X 18, 4 full page (8 X 10), 80 half pages (5 x 7)

Package 3. 1 large portrait photo 16 X 20, 4 full page (8 X 10), 40 half pages (5 x 7)

1 16GB USB drive of all decent photos taken usually about 500 minimum to well over 1000 photos depending on the size and time frame of the wedding. There is no limit on how many I take

We also offer 2 copies of the same photo book but in a 8 x 8 for the parents of the bride and groom

Measurements are in inches unless otherwise specified

More Info

Packages and their items can be adjusted according to individual needs for friends and family. A lot of our printing is done inhouse and is not sent out so that is how our prices can be lower in cost and why we are able to get photos back to you quickly. Our policy is packages are due to be shipped no later than 2 weeks after any event. Images are ready for online viewing within 10 days after event. Email will be sent out and user will then beable to select which photos they want printed in what sizes. All photos uploaded to your temporary account page are also available for download for facebook or phone sharing these photos are 750 by 500 pixels and should not need shrinking before uploading to social media. The photos you receive on USB or DVD-ROM are of non compressed formats such as TIFFs and are of the highest quality. A JPG is always compressed but you can control how much when you save, which means hundreds or thousands of image pixels are lost to make the file smaller.
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