About JJM Photography

JJM Photography is located in Middletown, RI. We come to all of Rhode Island and 50 miles into Massachusetts. JJM Photography is a company geared toward families. Any type of special family event is welcomed by us. We take pride in specializing in beautiful hard cover picture books, Framed portraits, and DVD slideshows made custom for any family or sporting occasion.

Family memories are so important to us. There is nothing like having a hard copy remembrance book to look back on for years and years to come that can’t get deleted from a computer accidently. DVD slideshows feature full photo transition animation and background music selections of your choice. You get hundreds of our best selected photos on a USB drive that can be posted to Facebook and other social media and printed right from your home printers at any size. Our photos feature the quality and ability to be blown up to 2 X 3 feet poster sizes.

Privacy Policy

This pertains to all photos taken by us for portfolio. Any photos released on this website that have people's faces close up in them will not be used unless blurred or asked permission by the person in focus in the photo.

Instant Portraits - These are portraits taken by request at public events. For example, if we are downtown Newport and you wish to have a portrait taken of you and your friends you will be given a card with a code to download your one photo from this site. Please do not lose this as this is the only way you can view your photo. This one photo is free and does not go through our editing and enhancement process. This is how you can instantly obtain your photo online. We still promise great quality because it's downloaded raw from the camera directly to the site. You then will be able to save to your phone or computer and upload to social media. Our photos are high quality and will not be able to be sent by text message without the user shrinking them first.

Your code is your private password and will only show your photos to you. Please download to computer or phone ASAP whenever you have an Instant Portrait taken as these do roll off the system eventually. Photos taken at events that we are hired for will not be available on web until 3 - 7 buisness days after as this process takes some time to edit and enhance before handed off to the customer.

Terms of use

We reserve the right to put copyrights in place on our photos. However these do not apply to posting on social media and android phones. We also allow the customers to make their own prints, or send out for printing. In rare cases we put our logo at the bottom right hand corner of the photo. we ask that you do not crop it out.

Refund Policy

At JJM Photography we always stride to bring you the very best quality photos and presentations. However in life sometimes unanticipated things can happen and if something does go wrong we would not refuse a refund. To any customer who is not completely satisfied with our finished products, customers first need to contact us and explain the issue. Then we will revise and replace any items in the packages that are not to your liking. To insure the unlikeliness of this happening, before putting the finishing touches on your items, we will be in touch either by phone or email with our clients and ask any questions we may have.