Quality Photography of Dance and Fast Action Sports!
  • Here at JJMPhotography we put our all into bringing you the clearest and most vibrant photos of special moments for all to enjoy.

    As a Fast Action Sports photographer, it is important to capture those unforgettable action shots just as they are happening, Unlike other types of photography where subjects are standing perfectly still, Sports photography is always moving so you have to accommodate motion and sometimes low lighting all at the same time both quickly and efficiently in order not to miss your shot. Not to worry, we take many shots of the same thing just to make sure.

    Why I choose photography - I chose this career because I am proud to stand behind excellent quality work and I feel that photography is so important to the community. To remember the once in a lifetime events, and to always remember those special people that may come and go. I chose it because it’s something memorable and cherishable to offer. Ultimately, I hope it will always bring happiness to others.

    We also photograph other events like graduations, family parties and family/couples portraits of all kinds, we are here to bring to you the best digital photo presentations and collection books as well as extra large portraits that capture incredible life moments.

    Photographers In Rhode Island

  • Recent Public Events (Click on Photo)

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    Rhode Island College Ballroom Competition 2019

    MIT Ballroom dance Competition 2019

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